01. Lightweight and compact.


02. Clean and overdrive channels can be used separately or combined.

Switchable output

03. Switchable output power level 15 or 30 Watts.

Clean and overdrive channels

04. Overdrive lead channel is uncoloured and can be used clean.


05. Indicator footswitch allows channel change and combination also reverb switching to lower preset level.


06. Isolated balanced line DI from output transformer frequency compensated to simulate speaker.

Speaker unplugged

07. Inbuilt dummy load - speaker can be unplugged without damage.

Control panel

08. Forty five degree control panel to give musician visibility.

Solid wood cabinet

09. Solid wood cabinet - comb jointed corners. Not chipboard, MDF or plywood.

Tayden speaker

10. The Tayden speaker is more efficient than some speakers, at converting the amplifiers output into sound.

Easy access

11. Welded aluminium chassis. Hinged box type construction with easy access for servicing.

All valve

12. Special low noise circuitry producing studio quality sound. All valve including reverb. No transistors or integrated circuits.

Hand wired

13. All hand wired on fibreglass eyelet board system. High quality components.

High quality cover

14. High quality lined and stitched cover.

15. Outstanding value.

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