The Barnett Davies FIFTEEN THIRTY Valve Guitar Combo.

I have over 30 classic guitar amps at my studio, including Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender and SJB. The Barnett Davies has out-performed each of the above on more than one occasion. I have found it impossible to get a bad sound using it. I think it's the best, most versatile valve amp I have ever used.

The new Keane album 'Under the Iron Sea' is covered in Barnett Davies distorted piano sounds. We used two with a Roland CE1 pedal in stereo!

Check out the NeedToBreath album 'Daylight' as it is mainly the Barnett Davies combo amp on the guitars, especially tracks 'Daylight' and 'Shine On'.
( http://www.needtobreathe.net/ )

Andy Green - Producer
(Keane, KT Tunstall, Needtobreath)

This hand built quality valve guitar amp is made in England by Dave Barnett and Clive Davies and it is a remarkable amp. The first thing I want to say is I love the sound of this amplifier. I've played through valve amps all my life and before using the FIFTEEN THIRTY my favourite was the Rivera Sedona 100w with a 15 inch JBL.

It's always hard describing sounds and when guitar players start talking shop the yawn factor kicks in pretty quick. I'll be brief and to the point. The sound is clear and warm with excellent definition across all of the guitar's three and a half octaves. The amps clear sound is simply superb in the mould of classic sixties Ampeg guitar amps and Fender, Rivera valve amps. I don't know of a thirty watt twelve inch valve combo on the market today that can deliver a sound as good as this and from such a compact package. My baritone twelve string has proved too much for most other amps including Fenders but the FIFTEEN THIRTY brings out it's sound beautifully across all of it's five octave range without even breaking into a sweat. Believe me, the clean channel is simply amazing and among the best to be found anywhere.

I'm now playing gigs and recording with the Barnett Davies amp. It's such a joy to use and so easy to turn up for gigs with an amp in one hand, guitar in the other. Whatever style you play I would say play it through a FIFTEEN THIRTY - you won't want anything else once you have.

John Pearson


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